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Workshop to Your Next Event!


Francine has years of improvisation experience, and performance, and has studied with many accomplished improvisers, including Dick Schaal, one of the original Second City Chicago members.  She was a member of Playback Columbus before moving to Florida, and a member of Cinublue Productions, where custom corporate interactive theatre entertained to rave reviews!  In Tampa Bay, she was one of the founding members of Bay Area Improv Theatre.  A former elementary school teacher, Francine has taught improv to children for years.  Francine's fun Improv with PizZazZ Workshops have been developed for cruise ships (see clip), where she is booked as a VIP Guest Lecturer.  These same workshops are available for your land-based special event, and you don't have to worry about sea sickness!


What is Improv?

Improv is creating something from nothing; creating ideas and actions in the moment - total spontaneity. Improv challenges us to step out of our daily, conscious, routine patterns and into new ways of creating and perceiving. Improv trains groups of people to communicate more effectively and to become more creative, both individually and collectively. Isn't this what you want for your employees, organization or family?

Improv uses techniques that enable you to cooperate, communicate clearly and solve problems quickly. Participants are encouraged to take risks, be bold, and make discoveries. These lessons will stay with the group long after the workshops.


What is an Improv with PizZazZ Workshop?

See a ZaZu Productions' Improv Workshop in Action!

An Improv with PizZazZ workshop can be a fun break-out session for a conference, for team building at your organization or company, can be fun at parties for children, teens or adults. No previous Improv or acting experience is necessary for Francine's Improv Workshops.  You do not have to be an actor!  Improv theater games and exercises can help anyone to connect with and develop his or her own spontaneous impulses and creative imagination. Improv helps develop a positive, playful sense of humor. When they have to "think on their feet", people don't have time to censor themselves. Ideas will flow naturally! Francine's workshop are interactive and participants engage in Improv games and exercises in a warm, encouraging, safe atmosphere. Whose Line is it Anyway TV show games are played, and to the amazement of the participants, they can be just as brilliant as the actors!


Improve Work Skills and Production with Improv with PizZazZ

To some, performing of any kind can be scary. Laughing together at ZaZu Productions' Improv with PizZazZ Workshops, employees will forgo all anxiety; they come back to the work environment refreshed and ready to work as a team!

Participants will be energized -- have a great time, develop new skills, connect and bond with each other, laugh, play, be inspired and go back to work happier and more productive!

Listen, Accept, Initiate, and Contribute--these are the four principal elements of Improv, and of all effective communication. Laughter is the greatest medicine. Teambuilding can be a great exercise and people don't even realize the positive benefits because they are PLAYING! ZaZu Productions' Improv with PizZazZ Workshops will create a collaborative team environment where people are motivated and ready to contribute.


Available in one hour or two-hour sessions, please call or email Francine to learn further details about these fabulous workshops!

Improv with PizZazZ Workshops Develop and Promote:

Creative Thinking
Cooperation and Trust

Problem Solving
Willingness to Take Risks

Listening Skills
Less stress